About Me

“There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.” – Josh Jameson

me_My name is JP Hakala. Hailing from the land of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Louise Erdrich, I call the Twin Cities area of Minnesota my home. For me, books and reading is where it’s at (almost better than friends!). I am extremely passionate about the written word and what it offers us. As I’m sure many famous authors and other important people have iterated: there are lives to be lived in books, lessons to be learned, and characters to fall in love (or hate) with. Through a lifetime of reading and a Bachelor’s degree in English literature, I can confidently say that books are wonderful, and they are necessary.

The mission of this blog is to help you decide which books pack the most punch in the first 77 pages. The amount of books in the universe is unreal, and it continuously grows and grows. Quite frankly, it’s becoming a waste of time to finish a book that just isn’t doing it for you. I can’t tell you which lives are worth living, which lessons are worth learning, or which characters are worth falling in love (or hate) with, but I can sure as hell tell you what I think about all of that in a most lively manner!

Book selection for posts is honestly as random as my selection for reading is. I am actively trying to keep it diverse across publication period, author gender and ethnicity, and audience popularity. I am mostly a literature kind of guy, so that’s mostly what the posts will be. Recommendations are welcome!

The Page of No Return came about because I wanted to talk about books in a way that’s accessible, meaningful, and fun. I hope I can provide that for you. Join me as we stand at THE PAGE OF NO RETURN.