Age: 24

Pages: 76 / 231; 33%
ISBN: 9780735212176

The Reason for the Reaping: I read somewhere that this book will be good. Good enough for me.

As I Lay Summarizing: Saeed and Nadia are K-I-S-S-I-N-G in the middle of an unnamed Middle Eastern country where turmoil (violence, revolution, weird black doors) is about to be the new normal.

The Great Comparisons: The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Kite Runner

The Line That Killed Me: “but that is the way of things, with cities as with life, for one moment we are pottering about our errands as usual and the next we are dying, and our eternally impending ending does not put a stop to our transient beginnings and middles until the instant when it does” (3). Death by… death.

Best Character: Nadia

Why [As] You Like It: Nadia and Saeed’s relationship is cute af. Obvs the chance that things will go to shit is real high, but for now shipping this couple is the only option. They are trying to hold onto something while everything around them falls apart and it’s so romantic but also very believable. Gaahhh Nadia and Saeed.

Why I’m Gone, Girl: There are these weird cuts where Hamid is all like “meanwhile…” and I’m like “… that tells me nothing.” This is the “twist” of the love story, like time traveling is in The Time Traveler’s Wife (don’t even talk to me about that book, however). These passages are so vague and feux-mysterious that you have no idea what’s happening and they ruin the flow.

Last Line, Last Chance: [BLANK] omg.

Will I turn the page, or toss it into Mount Doom?

I mean, Romeo and Juliet might be “star-crossed lovers” but Saeed and Nadia are the real deal. I need to know if they make it!


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