Age: 24

Pages: 76 / 312; 24%
ISBN: 9780316354172 

The Reason for the Reaping: This book got a little buzz at its debut earlier in 2017. Plus, it’s about millennials. I’m a millennial. *smiley face emoji*

As I Lay Summarizing: Julia and Evan go to Yale in the mid-2000s. Then they graduate and move to New York City and try to stop the existential dread of adulthood. Evan gets a chapter and then Julia gets a chapter, and they have different ideas about how their lives are going.

The Line That Killed Me: “A waiter handed her two cups of coffee. She pushed the door open with her shoulder. I craned my neck but lost sight of her on the sidewalk” (9). Death by…that’s all you got? Not dead.

Best Character: Evan’s Mom

Why [As] You Like It: This book is v relatable for a millennial who just graduated and doesn’t know what the eff they’re doing. At all. Me, in case that wasn’t obvious. Patoniak captures perfectly the mix of anxiety, excitement, dread, and indecision of someone who has their whole life ahead of them but is scared shitless but at the same time wants something more. While seeming petty in the grand scheme of things, these feelings are very real, and it’s nice to see them validated here.

Why I’m Gone, Girl: omg I feel like this happens every time the writing is bad. But seriously, this novel contains the worst 30 pages I’ve ever read. I almost didn’t make it, everyone. It does gets better and the story sucks you in, but OOFDA it was a slog. The eye rolling now occurs every 3 or 4 pages instead of every 2 paragraphs. Which is still a problem, but the improvement is so drastic it feels like a miracle.

Last Line, Last Chance: “‘Yeah. Viv’s out sick.’”

Will I turn the page, or toss it into Mount Doom?

While the story is more interesting now, Pitoniak’s writing in the beginning is pretty unforgivable. Say no to this, esp. if you aren’t a millennial.


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