Age: 23

Pages: 77 / 215 (eReader Edition); 36%
ISBN: 9780062397850 

The Reason for the Reaping: Tournament of Books 2k17 is happening right now, and Mister Monkey may have a chance yet! A book I would never heard of without the tournament.

As I Lay Summarizing: Mister Monkey is a musical about a child monkey who can talk. It’s playing wayyyy off Broadway in New York. Prose zeroes in on a particular shit show of a performance, where characters, performers and audience members alike are spiraling into existential crises. #wut

 The Line That Killed Me: “Though of course, as every artist—every human being—knows: there are no coincidences, but rather a river of mystical connections into which, from time to time, we are allowed to dip our big toe” (21). Death by connection with the Universe.

Best Character: Margot

Why [As] You Like It: Honestly seeing this story actually jive and work is kind of miraculous. And satisfying. I know the summary sounds dumb (a musical about a child monkey??), but Prose knows how to write prose. Sorry Francine, I’m the worst, what with punning on your name, which is probably so unoriginal. Anyway, also, the child monkey is named Adam and he’s also reading Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. Think about that for a second, and appreciate the cleverness, because it’s all over the place in this book.

 Why I’m Gone, Girl: While each character’s existential crisis is interesting and profound, each of them seem unfinished: they are always left wallowing. Which would normally be fine—who doesn’t love an unfinished internal conflict? But, at the same time, completed things are better. Prose leaves us hanging! Maybe we’ll come back around, but each story is spinning out from the previous, so idk if that will actually be a thing. I want to know how they cope, not just how they suffer. UGH

 Last Line, Last Chance: “…braided together with shoelaces. But Edward knows that bringing in a….”

 Will I turn the page, or toss it into Mount Doom?

I’ll hold out that Prose will come back around to other characters. Plus, it’s surprisingly good! Monkeys for the win.


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