Age: 23

Pages: 77 / 195; 39%
ISBN: 9780399575891

 The Reason for the Reaping: Look up that cover. Look at it! Sorry everyone, I’m judging this book by its cover, and it makes me want to read it.

As I Lay Summarizing: An unnamed woman lives in a cottage by a pond. She is flexing her brain muscles, giving us the monologue of all monologues. Spontaneous, erratic, interesting, long-winded, highly intelligent, etc.

 The Line That Killed Me: “Be careful though, be very careful with flaked almonds; they are not at all suitable for morose or faint-hearted types and shouldn’t be flung about like confetti because almonds are not in the least like confetti” (5). Death by almond impalement.

Best Character: The Narrator

Why [As] You Like It: It’s so good! Bennett knows how to craft a character. She somehow manages to build a round and robust narrator with a past while maintaining her stream of consciousness in the present. Every aspect of the writing, from the language to the style to the setting, informs us about this narrator while she herself hardly gives anything away. Yaaaaasss nuance. That’s where it’s at.

Why I’m Gone, Girl: Y’all need to be patient with this book. Stream of consciousness writing is not easy to read. Though it’s short, it’s not quick. The shorter chapters are also more experimental and read more like poetry than prose; however, they are not as successful. Bennett is good at the internal monologue, but bad at poetic emotional evocation. Womp womp.

 Last Line, Last Chance: “…-ple are short on time and they can’t allocate time trying to…”

 Will I turn the page, or toss it into Mount Doom?

Turn that page. Stream of consciousness is my cup of tea. Hold the almonds, plz.


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