Age: 23

Pages: 77 / 326 (eReader edition); 23%
ISBN: 9780698139367

The Reason for the Reaping: On BuzzFeed’s best books of 2016 (don’t roll your eyes at me… I did it for you already), I chose this because it sounded like some solid brain candy. Expectations = not high. #sorrynotsorry

As I Lay Summarizing: The title says it all. Some shady things are going down at the Regional Office, whatever the hell that is.

The Line That Killed Me: “Like, in front of her mirror for almost an hour last night, practiced that fucking move” (16). Death by facepalm.

Best Character: Sarah’s Aunt

Why [As] You Like It: The need to find out what happens keeps the pages turning. Gonzales has kept the particulars shrouded in mystery so far, such as, “What the hell is the Regional Office?” and “Why is the Regional Office under attack?” and “Why is this teenage girl attacking the Regional Office?” Also, the brain candy status has certainly been achieved. A good mix of action and mystery keep the reading light and interesting.

Why I’m Gone, Girl: As you may have noticed in The Line That Killed Me, the writing itself is subpar. In the beginning, Gonzales is attempting to portray the mind of a teenage girl in the most unbelievably stereotypical way possible. “Likes” and “fuckings” and unnecessary commas invade the pages. Borderline insulting for teenage girls (and everyone), especially since Gonzales’s POVs have been from women only so far in the novel. As a writer, he can characterize in any way he wants, but I can’t help the bad taste in my mouth from this unrealized writing.

Last Line, Last Chance: “…knew they’d been brought back together.”

Will I turn the page, or toss it into Mount Doom?

While the concept is interesting and the writing has improved as we go along, it has not made up for Gonzales’s crass portrayal. Stereotypes, especially in main characters, make for a thumbs down. Frodo, you can have this; Sauron might want it.



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